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 Wellness Center

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We are a team of specialists focused to walk with our patients in their journey to reconnect with their inner-self and heal from the pain they may have. We offer a variety of therapeutic practices based on research such as, Neuro Somatic Transformational Coaching Therapy, Soma Breathwork Meditation Mindfulness, Therapeutic bodywork, Massage Therapy, Wellness, Fitness, Stott Pilates, Body, Breath, Energy Therapy, and Relaxation.

Touchstone Retreats



I was able to avoid another back surgery for sciatica by having some special massages done there. Now I'm pain free!"
Bob H. 

What We Offer

Therapeutic Bodywork Massage Therapy

We offer a variety of massage styles and specialized techniques to address health issues, chronic pain and stress & anxiety.

Stott Pilates/ Mindful movement

We offer conditioning or therapeutic Pilates that can be customized to your needs.

By teaching body awareness, practitioners develop a natural body alignments/awareness. 

Soma Breathwork Meditation Mindfulness

SOMA Breathwork combines ancient breathing techniques (Prana meaning breath, and Yama meaning control) with movement and sound made of specific vibration frequencies.

Neuro Somatic Transformational Therapy

With our proprietary technique, you can change perceptions and thoughts at the subconscious level.

In House Corporate Wellbeing Consultations

At Touchstone we provide expert corporate wellness consultations set in an in-house environment or via Zoom

Guillaume and Paulina together


Touchstone is focusing on walking with people in their journey to reconnect with their inner selves and heal from all the pain they might have. It is a unique space where Therapeutic bodywork massage therapy and neuro somatic transformational coaching are supported by Bio Motion Breathwork Self Transformation trademark modalities that you will be guided to go through at their own pace.


Touchstone will allow people to retreat within themselves to access and build resources that will raise the level of resilience in their daily life. A set of modalities going from therapeutic bodywork massage therapy to assisted lymphatic drainage, but also body, breath, energy therapy, and relaxation will connect mind, body, and spirit.


Touchstone is in the landscape of medical wellness in Indiana

Paulina & Guillaume


Rachel L

"Thank you so much for your time and thoughtful care. Your treatment plan was detailed and well thought out. Your approach has given me the first hope at a reduction in my intractable, life-long pain. Thank you so much!"

Bill D 

"I have had reoccurring Vertigo for about 3 years. After only one appointment, I can happily state that my vertigo has gone. It has been almost two months and I am vertigo free. I have returned to Touchstone recently for help with other health issues and I am sure I will find continued success."

Ari V

"Paulina is incredible. She has done more for my well-being than an army of chiropractors. If you have back pain, sports injuries or physical discomfort of any kind her bodywork is second to none. I highly recommend her."
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