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I moved to the US in 2006 from France where I started my career as a physics and chemistry teacher. I arrived in Bloomington area in 2011 where I continued my career as a mathematic/physics/chemistry professor at the University of Vincennes.  

I hold a Master's Degree in Chemistry and in Education. I have been always very much interested by science and posses an extensive background in education, science, engineering, and leadership positions.

I am also an artist that likes to paint only with a palette knife using oil or acrylic. My creativity is very much connected to my open-minded spirit. It is the reason why I also let my spirtual side grow on its own at its own pace. It also lead me to be certified as a mindfulness and meditation instructor and I am also certified as an Advanced Soma Breathwork instructor and transformational neuro-somatic therapy coach. 

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My Story

I have been convinced, after 20-plus years of experience in the education industry that without teaching people on well-being we will be not able to help them to achieve their highest potential.

My journey to understand how to help my students to achieve their highest potential lead me to embrace my spiritual side. After having given 48 years of my life to academic work, the cosmos not to say God pushed me to embrace my spiritual side which brought me to meditation and mindfulness. 

In 2022 I decided to become a master instructor in Soma Breathwork because it combined scientific research and ancient breathing technic that are an open door on improving your health and longevity as well as reconnecting with your higher self.


In my journey to understand Stress and Trauma responses, I found the Polyvagal Theory work of Dr. Stephen Porges. I have the great privilege to be with Paulina Makowska who met Dr. Stephen in person and in each conversation I am more and more inspired by his approach to the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) and how each branch supports distinct functions, which inform and support a response to stress.

I am extremely interested on how the nervous system is with the fascia  the primo interface between the higher-self and the body


There is connection to how we create spirituality, behaviors such as bonding and attachment (social-engagement), how we hold our body and how body creates movement patterns to helps us cope and respond to stress. Massage/Bodywork, and exercising has to become Polyvagal aware services.

How can we build our narrative of our bodily feelings? Giving body the Voice, we reconstruct the Narrative. Creativity is linked to feeling safe. The body, instead of feeling vulnerable becomes Accessible.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

812 337 3529

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