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Neuro-Somatic Transformational Coach Therapy

  • Are you curious about your personal development?​

  • Are you ready to take responsibility for your life?​

  • Are you able to accept that you need to change in order to succeed?​

  • Are you someone who believes that the potential for greatness is inside of you?​

  • Are you ready for a Journey of deep insight and powerful transformation for yourself? 

  • ​Are you ready to take control back of your health?

  • Are you ready to take control back to your full potential?

  • Are you ready to make lasting changes to who you are at your core?

  • If you want to break free from your limiting beliefs to improve your nervous system health, your brain function,  your ability to be more present and become who you truly want to be, achieve what you dream of, increase your ability to connect with others, to create and express your leadership and experience joy in any area of your life from leadership to relationship, from business to personal life, the answer is in the strengthening of your nervous system.

  • Benefit of transformational coaching:

  • 1) Discovering you have limiting belief

  • 2) Rediscovering that you have what it takes to be successful in all aspect of your life.

  • 3) Observing things from a different point of view

  • 4) increase your confidence to become more assertive, ambitious and successful business leader

  • 5) Become a successful partner in your relationship by stopping to self sabotage and get rid of lack of self esteem before to work on improving yourself image

  • 6) If you are nervous or anxious in a high stakes situation you will get rid of the unworthiness of success by discovering where it does come from and you will tell yourself a different story.

  • 7) Make your weight loss transformation more successful than with a personal trainer by helping you to stick to your diet or exercise plan by working on the stories you tell to yourself about who you are.

  • 8) Be more creative

  • 9) Increase more focus and motivation

  • 10) Get rid of bad habits

  • 11) Overcome fear and phobias

  • 12) You will stop second guess yourself

  • 13) you will break free from what was weighing you down.​

"Trauma compromises our ability to engage with others by replacing patterns of connection with patterns of protection" Steven Porges

What to expect!

1. Free 20 minutes consultation to answer  your questions.
2. You will have to fill up a form answering an extensive number of questions to perceive your strengths, weaknesses, goals, inspirations and limiting beliefs to tailor the program of week 1
We will go through a 1 hour meeting to go through the questionnaires  and start to create the necessary trust to work together. That trust will grow along the transformational process you will experience.
3. 1 hour Zoom meeting
a) You will receive your program for the week
b) You will receive all the information of the breathing technic and all the different modalities you will go through during the week.
c) You will go through a breathwork  breathwork meditation with me. during that session as well.
d) You will have your HRV and other Metrix related to your  level of stress taken
4. At the end of the week you will go through 1 hour debriefing of the past week. We will be taking HRV and other Metrix. We will be doing a Daily dose Breath work 
5. The following day you will your tailored program for week 2. and the procesus will repeat it self until we have achieve the goal you decided to reach.



Our mind is made of two  main parts: "our conscious and our subconscious. Your subconscious is apprehending one million times more information than your conscious.

Since we are born we have been meta-programmed by our family, our society and everything we encountered. That is what creates our reality tunnel. A reality that prevents us from achieving our full potential.

Some of our meta-program needs to be kept, some needs  to be updated and some needs  to be gotten rid of for a better one.

The way to do it is through breathing.

The subconscious is an extraordinary resource where everything we have experienced is locked up. Experiences that have shaped how we feel about life in general and why we react to certain things in particular. 

Our subconscious gives birth to epiphanies and brilliant ideas  however it is not part of our everyday awareness because we have learned early on in life we have learned to use our conscious mind to be in this world but changes engaged by the conscious mind are limited. Your will power  alone will not break chains or bad habits or fears.  This is why we are repeating the same New years Resolution again and again.

To change we need more than willpower and logic. The secret is to access our subconscious mind.

You can literally use self hypnosis  like an inward focus similar to a flow state like when you are entirely absorbed watching a movie.

You are no longer worried about anything which gives you more control of your mind and not less.

You bypassed your critical and  chattering mind, you can now access your beliefs formed since you were born and allow your subconscious to be receptive to suggestion.

With our proprietary technique, you can change perceptions and thoughts at the subconscious level. You can plant positive suggestions, an affirmation seed that will grow in your subconscious mind.

New beliefs will take root and grow for permanent relief. You are rewiring the neuronal connection and create new pathways that will become stronger and will become second nature.

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