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Therapeutic Stott Pilates

By teaching body awareness, practitioners develop an understanding of natural body alignments and awareness of habits such as slouching, stiffness, and misalignment in the hips.

Stott Pilates Method

The Stott Pilates method has a goal of restoring the spine’s natural curvature while promoting the rebalancing of the muscles around the joints. While it still follows the major principles set forth by regular Pilates such as breathing, fluidity of movement, and concentration, it focuses more on the alignment of your posture, using props, and engaging in sequential exercise. 


The Stott Pilates method favors a neutral spine. In classes practicing Stott Pilates, you will maintain a neutral spine alignment with one foot on the ground. When both feet are lifted, though, the stance reverts back to normal Pilates form and focuses on an imprinted alignment. With these differences in mind, Stott Pilates differs from Joseph Pilates mainly due to the alignment of posture. 

Regardless of your age or gender identity, Stott Pilates helps develop flexibility, endurance, and posture, and it allows you to develop optimal strength without stressing your joints. 

At Touchstone Wellness Center we offer conditioning or therapeutic Pilates that will be tailored to your needs.

The STOTT PILATES® method is following a rigorous education, focus on safety and alignment, adaptability within exercises, attention to sports medicine science and its ease of use makes it one of the best.





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