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I moved to Bloomington in 2008 from Poland where I trained as a Dance Movement Therapist (Polish-English Institute of Dance Movement Therapy, Warsaw). 

I earned a Master's in Social Science (University of Zielona-Gora). I have an extensive background and licenses in Somatic Therapy and therapeutic modalities. My work encompasses Medical Massage, Active Release Technique, Structural Energetic Therapy, Laban/Bartenieff Movement Observation and Analysis, Stott Pilates Trainer, Mindfulness and Soma Breathwork.

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My Story

Dance Movement Therapy/Continuum movement is my personal practice of being a present and authentic mover. Meditation and Continuum movement is part of my spiritual path that I practice to embody in my connection with my clients.


In my journey to understand Stress and Trauma responses, I found the Polyvagal Theory work of Dr. Stephen Porges. I had the great privilege to meet Dr. Stephen in person and in each conversation I am more and more inspired by his approach to the ANS system and how each branch supports distinct functions, which inform and support a response to stress.


There is a connection to how we create spirituality, behaviors such as bonding and attachment (social engagement), how we hold our body, and how the body creates movement patterns to help us cope and respond to stress. Massage/Bodywork, and exercising has to become Polyvagal aware services.

How can we build our narrative of our bodily feelings? Giving the body the Voice we reconstruct the Narrative. Nervous System Expectancy is a metaphor for safety. Creativity is linked to feeling safe. The body, instead of feeling vulnerable becomes Accessible.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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