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Let us share with you what is Breathwork and SOMA Breath!

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What is Breathwork

Breathing is the most natural and subconscious action we are doing for our survival. We do not think about breathing we just breathe, don't we?! Science has proven that a mindful and more conscientious way of breathing has a tremendous effect on overall health and longevity.

After 5 years old we have entered an incongruous way of breathing that is conditioning the rest of our life in many ways. Therefore it is only through a set of exercises and consistent practice that we can regain control of our breath. 

Breathwork is a set of breathing exercises coming from ancient pranayama techniques that we have organized in a sequence for you to give you mindful ownership of your health.

What is the SOMA Breath

SOMA Breath is a unique combination of Pranayama ancient breathing technics combined with Movement to activate the full body and the specific frequencies of vibration through music and sounds to make each cell resonate and work in harmony with each other.

What to expect during a session:

You will:

  • Go through a set of Movement to fully activate the body and the brain

  • Prepare for breathwork by activating the endocrinal gland system that will channel the energy within you

  • Practice rhythmical breathing to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and Intermittent brief hypoxia to allow efficient and optimal cellular oxygenation and perfect energy production for your body's needs.

What you will experience:

  • Deeper relaxation

  • Stress reliever

  • Deep inner peace

  • Emotional balance

  • Self physical and emotional healing

  • Physical pain relief

  • Cell detoxification

  • Deep inner joy

  • Expanded state of consciousness

  • Mystical connection, guidance, and clarity

  • Receive abundance

Let’s Work Together

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