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Fundamental of Breathwork

Anatomy of Breathing

You will learn the physiology of breathing to better connect with your inner self.

  • You will discover that the power of breathing is within you and how to create life-changing experiences for yourself and others.

  • You will learn how how to retake control of your  sympathetic nervous system responsible your disconnection with yourself.

  • You will learn how cutting edge science is supporting the necessity of breathwork. We will explore all the different aspects of this (muscular, fascia, organs, blood circulation, cellular, brain and nervous system).

  • You will experience the power of Energize meditation

Breathing is the source of life, and how you breathe is how you live.
Breathing Training is one of the major key skillset that everybody need to have.


  • Welcome

  • Reconnect with your body

  • Bodyscan meditation

  • Integration

you have a woman taking a deep breathand the words Fundamentals of Breathwork

Anatomy of Breathing

  • Physiology of Breathing

  • Mouth Breathing vs nose Breathing.

  • Cardiovascular system/Respiratory system.

  • Diaphragm breathing

You will learn how  to use properly your diaphragm to stimulate the neuro-transmitter related to the parasympathetic nervous system. Through a set of exercise you will learn to engage the diaphragm

you see the body with in red the respiratory system

Awakening  the body/Movement

it is time to awaken the body through movement

  • Full body activation:​​

    • anaerobic training

  • Full brain activation

    • ambidexterity training​

you have an awakening body movement

Rhythmic Breathing

taking back control or the sympathetic nervous system

  • respiration 2/4

heart coherence​

  • respiration 4/4


Energized Meditation

the end of the workshop will be for you  to experience the power of SOMA Breath through the Energized Meditation. You will be able to use and have a full understanding of the breathing technic and carry with you the new energy awaken.

I) Movement

II) Vibrational chanting

III) Daily dose Breathwork

the logo SOMA Energized meditation
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