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Breathwork for parent and teenager

Touchstone believes that it is fundamental to not forget that the learner is an human being. Its 25 years if experience in the education industry allows us  to say with certainty that focusing only on the knowledge transfer is a important mistake when we have the desire to help student to achieve their highest potential. it is for this reason that Touchstone has created a program to help students and professors/teachers to reconnect with themselves to be ready for a collaborating work and give each people an opportunity to learn in the best conditions.

Math Teacher
Math Teacher

Breathwork for Parent/Teacher

Reconnect with your breath to reconnect with yourself for a better stress management and better pedagogical skills.

Breathwork for Teenagers/students

Students from Elementary to University must be active and relaxed to be able to be efficient learner

If you are worried about your teen and wondering how  to help him and or the situation. There is not fate. It is not about teen and things 


Anxiety and stress

Low motivation and lack of confidence

Body image issues and poor self control

Poor decision making

Academic problem

parent teen conflict

Anger issues


College Friends
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