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“Wellness is a life style and not a necessity or a luxury.”

Guillaume & Paulina

Our vision

Touchstone OneBody-OneBreath is focusing to walk with people in their journey to reconnect with their inner self and heal from all the pain they might have. It is a unique space where the experience is supporting the combination trademark modalities like Neuro somatic transformational coaching - Soma breathwork meditation mindfulness - Therapeutic bodywork massage therapy - wellness fitness stott pilattes that people will be guided to go through at their own pace.

Our mission

Touchstone OneBody-OneBreath will allow people to retreat within themselves to access and build resource that will raise the level of resilience in their daily life.

In One Body you will experience a set of modalities going from therapeutic/bodywork massage to assisted lymphatic drainage to release and heal physical as well as emotional pain. Our massage goes far more than just being a relaxing massage that you could experience at a SPA. Not only you will experience deep relaxation but you will experience how our unique technique enhance and be a complementary service of your normal curative care. Our unique technique is also the perfect preventive tool to increase your longevity without pain or injuries. 


In One Breath  you will reconnect to the breath as the first step in the healing process. By treating the inhale and the exhale we are giving back the ownership of the healing to all our patients.

A dysfunctional way of breathing is the source of an improper distribution of Oxygen in our body which is increasing stress on our system. Additional to that internal stress, the external stress will rise the unbalanced oxygenation as the sympathetic nervous system is controlling our everyday response to life. It will cause physical and mental pain and illnesses.

We will enhance your overall health and your mental and physical performances. The way we breathe affects each second our health and we are dedicated to addressing the root of your living. It is a complementary modality to all other medical interventions our patients might have to go through, and it is a necessary one to enhance them. We are offering

Soma breath work, mindfulness, meditation and Neuro Somatic Therapy that will connect mind, body and spirit to allow you to express and be your highest potential. 


Touchstone OneBody-OneBreath wants to be a pioneer in the landscape of medical wellness in Indiana

Sand Dune
Guillaume & Paulina

About us,

We have the pleasure to welcome you at Touchstone One Body One Breath. This institute is the expression of a driving force that has lead us all our life. It is  the embodiment of our expertise and knowledge to provide support and care to everyone. 

We have one body, we are one body and we must take care of it. We are one breath if we are the expression to be present in the moment.

Over the years we have acquired an extensive amount licenses in Therapeutic bodywork, Somatic therapy closing the gap with the addition of SOMA Breathwork.
We have created a unique combination of Body and Breath modalities that became BBIT trademark. 
We are very happy to share with you  the result of a life time of studies and research that we have done and that are supported by the scientific community all over the world. 
We are dedicated to you by providing all the care you need to improve your mental and physical health. It will give you longevity, stamina and endurance but also resiliency, consistency and mental support to let your highest potential express it freely.

We are nurturing Kindness, Compassion and Genuine Love as we believe that the world need it more  than ever.
" Wellness is a life style and not a necessity or a luxury"

With love, 

Guillaume & Paulina

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