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One Breath

A person closing hereyes and breathing

Soma Breathwork is the combination of ancient breathing technic named pranayama (prana meaning breath and yama meaning control) and the latest technology related to the creation and combination of sound and music associated with movement, dance, and shaking to unleash the inner energy that is within us to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Teacher seated on chairs

 Touchstone has 25 years of experience in the education industry. We have strong evidence that a student centered based teaching can not be effective if we are forgetting that students are human  being that need to be taking care of first in order to be ready to connect with their professors and peers.

We have a unique and mindful techniques that will help your child and every students to achieve their highest potential. 

Dancers doing an arabesque

Breathing is the essence of life. Moving is the essence of our soul. the combination of both is expressed through the dance.

 If you are looking to improve your connection with the vibration you are responding to during your dance  our Breathwork for dancer program is for you.

You will reconnect within your inner vibration and raise your level of L.O.V.E (Level Of Vibrational Energy).

An athlete Stretching Legs

If you want to improve your athletic performance and/or improve your overall health, our Breathwork for athlete program is for you.

You will beneficiate of special breathing technique that will enhance mind and body.

You will also experience our unique IHT (Interval Hypoxy Training) Program that will simulate a training in high altitude with all the benefits that goes with it.

transparent human body with the brain in red

If you want to break free from your limiting beliefs to improve your nervous system health, your brain function,  your ability to be more present and become who you truly want to be, achieve what you dream of, increase your ability to connect with others, to create and express your leadership and experience joy in any area of your life from leadership to relationship, from business to personal life, the answer is in the strengthening of your nervous system.

actor seated on chairs on stage rehearsing

Breathwork for Actor

Breathing is the essence of life. For an actor finding the ability to interpret a character is getting in touch within a part of himself.

If you are looking to find the way to improve your acting by accessing to your inner peace our breathwork program is for you.

Benefits of Breathwork

Increase energy
Improve your sleep
Lower down your stress and anxiety
Improve your focus
Pain management
Enhance creativity

Improve performance

Balance nervous system

Re-enforce your immune system

Trauma integration

Deeper awareness of self


Bonding and connection

Boost the moos

Unsure What to Choose?
We'll help guide you on your wellness path

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One Breath 
Mission Statement

The mission of the One Breath class is to reconnect breathing to a healing process. By treating the inhale and the exhale we are giving back the ownership of the healing to all our patients.

A dysfunctional way of breathing is the source of an improper distribution of Oxygen in our body which is increasing stress on our system which compensates for our bad habit. In conjunction with this internal stress, external stress will increase the unbalanced oxygenation as the sympathetic nervous system is controlling our everyday response to life. It will cause physical and mental pain and illnesses.

We know that with a proper way to breathe, we will enhance our overall health and our mental and physical performances. The way we breathe affects each second our health and we are dedicated to addressing the root of our living. It is a complementary modality to all other medical interventions our patients might have to explore but we do think it is a necessary one to enhance their healing.

In this class we will learn:

  • How to breathe using all the muscles involved in normal and efficient breathing without any external accessory that can be found on the market.

  • How to combine different rhythmic breathing and frequencies through music to engage a process of self-healing. We will go through a process of RESET of Breathing to engage the correct way of breathing

  • We will combine this process with Brief Intermittent Hypoxia to weave the process of self-healing and the meditative state necessary to harvest the inner energy within us.

  • We will associate a healthy way of living to cover the full benefit of the transformation.

  • Through regular practice, we will build resilience, consistency, and participate in a full transformational journey

At the beginning of humanity, the sympathetic nervous system was the ruler of our survival. Life-threatening encounters were everywhere. We were part of the food chain and we were fighting for our survival.

Since then the world changed drastically and we ended up being at the top of the food chain. However, we are still reacting the same way in the concrete jungle we have created. We are losing our ability to distinguish what to believe and what not, what is true of what is not. It is time to connect with SOMA and look inward to find the answers we are looking for.

SOMA is the connection between our inner strength, with our own wisdom. SOMA Breathwork makes us more conscientious, more aware, and more resilient. It rebuilds the connection between mind and body and y consequence gave us back our health and longevity. 

You need to be the change that the world needs.

Guillaume & Paulina

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