Our Mission Statement

The Mission of Touchstone Wellness Center is to help our clients to access freedom – freedom of movement, freedom of spirit and mind, freedom from pain. This freedom allows our clients to energize their bodies and minds, to reduce daily stress, and to create for themselves a life of healthy practice. We access this freedom through specific wellness and therapeutic modalities, embodied in our studio’s Core Values: 

• Knowledge – Our extensive background in kinesiology, dance, Eastern medicine, structural therapies, psychotherapy, and mindfulness allows us to engage in the work with curiosity, patience, and knowledge. We approach difficult moments and challenges with an open mind, and reach into the places within ourselves that are willing to listen. We work with our clients to find a release from postural habits, to develop a positive self-image, and to create the possibility for efficient, graceful movement, often improving chronic pain and other aspects of ones life. To do this, we develop assessments and strategies, and teach the skills to empower our clients.
• Integrity – We follow a system (Stott Pilates, Therapeutic and Medical Massage, ART Technique, Acupuncture, Yoga and related wellness modalities), and we embrace our values. Providers will establish a trust with their clients, and both client and provider understand the responsibilities involved in the therapeutic process.  This means that we are clear in our work and accountable to our clients - and to each other. 
• Community – We create an environment that nurtures optimism, encourages self-growth and empowerment, and allows for open communication and collaboration within the larger community of health practitioners and medical professionals. Purpose, openness, and honesty create a safe space for our clients. 

• Growth – We believe that our studio is a place for growth. We believe in being fully present, patient, confidant, and in a willingness to learn and continually educate ourselves in order to achieve our fullest human potential.

Touchstone Wellness Center

1713 N College Ave Unit 1

Bloomington, IN 47404

Touchstone Wellness Center



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