Touchstone Wellness Services


At Touchstone we are continuously cultivating state-of-the–art therapeutic massage services to support all in the Bloomington area who are determined to create well-being. We hire talented massage therapists and work closely with them, as a team, to refine skills and share techniques. We meet each week for intensive advanced training and everyone immensely enjoys the growth process. And you get the benefit of the enthusiasm and satisfaction of this on-going synergy as we receive you into our care. read more


Yoga is one of the world’s most ancient and refined systems developed for the improvement of physical and mental health. Body, breath and mind blend in yoga practice to create a deep, lasting integrative effect on the whole psycho-physical self. Proper breathing and breath awareness exercises help one to become conscious of the process of breathing and to utilize and improve the capacity of the lungs. Physical and mental relaxation is just as important as exercise. Deep yogic relaxation has a rejuvenating effect. When one is not disturbed by tension, emotions and sense impulses, the healing power of the body itself can work incredible improvements on one’s health. read more